"Leadership is recognizing when it's time for a new course of action and time to change direction."
     "Leadership is recognizing when it's time for a new               course of action and time to change direction."  

Consultative Services & Training Programs


We visit your team and will provide a complete and comprehensive report as to how your team performed. We don't always know the truth as to what goes on when we are not on the premises, so we help by telling the real story.


We evaluate your P&L and invoicing to ensure you are purchasing correctly and that your percentages fall into alignment for a healthy and profitable P&L. We also evaluate your vendors and assist with ensuring your purchasing at the best pricing and programs for your operation.

We analyze labor and other expenses to ensure you are maximizing profit and not spending wastefully.


We analyze all aspects of your menu to determine that your costs are correct and your menu is priced accordingly for maximum profit.We also conduct R&D to help you craft and design new menus that increase revenue without spending more money.


    MANAGEMENT and             LEADERSHIP

We have created the SHAPE of Management. A leadership and accountability training program focused on teaching managers the art of leading in the industry and understanding what people need and want by leaders.

Systems. Hiring. Accountability.  People. Education.

We can help you build your SHAPE.

           CONCEPT                  DEVELOPMENT

We help bring your dream to reality. We help create the concept and design for maximum revenue generation.


We help create a plan and a strategy that not only supports the brand, but elevates your expectations and goals.

We help create all aspects of design from menu, bar, interior and kitchens and of course, training. 

We bring life to your restaurant.

     MARKETING and                BRANDING

Your brand is your moniker and it is reflective of you and your business. What is your story and how do you want consumers to know you and to recognize you?


We help you not just create your brand, but market it effectively to achieve maximum recognition and do so efficiently for maximum return.

            "Any fool can know. The point is to understand."                                               - Albert Einstein

                                              Comprehensive Training and Education Programs

Hospitality Management & Leadership- Our focus is on ensuring your managers possess the knowledge to operate your business effectively and efficiently. We share our secrets for success and teach them how to understand how to lead people.
How To Start Your Own Home-Based Food Business- Business is growing exponentially, especially here in The OC. It's much easier to start your own business today and we show you how to complete this and provide the necessary steps so you can open for business and be your own boss.
Branding & Marketing Your Business- "If you build it they will come." This works in the movies, but in real life, you have to market and promote your brand. We help you do this for the best return on investment (ROI) for your success.
Design Your Dream- From that initial inclination you had of owning and operating your business, we help you create your concept and help design your dream.
Revenue Recovery- Too often, many restaurant owners don't understand how to read their Profit & Loss Statement (P&L). They don't understand Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and how to read the numbers. We help you create a healthy and profitable P&L and implement the programs and systems for maximizing profits.
Managing The Front of House Successfully- Our service training provides guidance and information to your management team. Then, we have them train your service team in the same manner. We teach people how to make money and be more successful with guests, as well as other employees. We teach managers how to lead, not just manage.

Managing the Kitchen For Profit- Do you know your food cost? Are you running with a high inventory and don't know what to do about it all? We help create and develop the systems for your restaurant and implement programs to save your money. From purchasing to sales, we evaluate all necessary steps and educate your team on proper controls in the kitchen.
Service Training For Increased Revenue & Tips- We learned to focus on helping your team make more money. We have created a program which helps increase their take home while increasing your revenue. It's a simple program that is often overlooked.
Line Cook Certificate- We have created a line-cook certificate training program to help get people jobs. Unlike culinary programs, we focus on real life and real work experiences so you can get a job quickly. We also work with restaurants to provide training to their current cooks and help them grow with the organization, thus eliminating costly turnover.

Intelliserve- This California ABC approved program is fully compliant with California's responsible beverage service training requirements. Intelliserve is simple and was created by those who have been in the industry and focuses on Reasonable Effort and how to protect your team, your guests and your license.
Bar 101- Managing a bar or even being a bartender can be challenging. Our Bar 101 program helps you better understand how to control costs and make money. This book is available for purchase and has tips and trends, wine facts and alcohol facts, as well as a complete list of drinks. We also provide training in house.

ABC Licenses- We offer assistance to help you with the in's and out's of what you need to receive a California ABC liquor license. We also help you maintain it and remain compliant with laws and policies.

How To Manage A Workplace Injury- Do your managers know what to do if an employee or a guest are injured? More often than not, we have found the answer to be "No." We provide the necessary tools you need to educate your managers to know exactly what to do in case of injury.
Common HR Basics Every Manager Must Know- The laws regarding HR and what must be done are always changing. Too many times, managers don't know what they can or cannot do or say and it can cost your greatly. We provide the basic knowledge so your management team, as well as employees, know when not to cross that line. And if that line is crossed, what to do about it.
Crisis Management- Oftentimes, accidents happen. We help your managers understand the steps to take during a crisis. From fire to earthquake to injury, if you don't have a plan of action ready, your business and your life could be in jeopardy.  
California Required Harassment Training- California now requires business owners to provide training to manager in Sexual Harassment. We provide the necessary training to your leadership team as well as your employees and provide you with the necessary tools you need to retain for records.